Door Screens

Hinged Screen Doors
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The Fly Guard Hinged Screen  Door, with optional self closing hinges, can be made to fit most doorways both internally or externally. It has a robust but aesthetically pleasing stove-enamelled aluminium frame, with cuff board and kick plates which can be added to, to give a solid section to the door if pets or children are a concern.The door is held closed by a strong magnetic catch, and is available in white or dark-brown finish.

Heavy-Duty Screen Doors
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The Fly Guard Heavy-Duty Door Screen is similar in looks to the ID1, but is made from extruded aluminium for extra protection from bumps and knocks, in busy or commercial doorways. A decorative protective grille can be fitted to the door (as illustrated) to further enhance security and reduce the risk of damage to the screen mesh. This door comes complete with anoverhead pneumatic door-closer and is available in White or Brown.

Double-Hinged Screen Doors

For extra-wide openings, such as french doors, The Fly Guard ID2 is ideal. Using the same system as the ID1, the ID2 comes complete with self-close hinges, and a T-section to seal the gap between the two doors when in use. Available in white or brown finish.

Sliding Screen Doors
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Designed for patio doors, The ID3 again uses the strong, yet surprisingly light stove-enamelled aluminium frame as the single and double hinged models. The screen door glides from side to side inside a stove-enamelled, extruded aluminium track. The use of ball-bearing rollers ensures a long life of effortless operation. As with the ID1 & 2, the ID3 is available in white or brown finish. 

Roll-Aside Screen Doors
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The Fly Guard Roll-Aside Screen can be used on doors (or windows) internally or externally. The blind is similar to the Roll-Up Screen but operated from side to side. The cassette box, housing a spring roller, is mounted on one side of the door. The screen mesh is rolled neatly inside the cassette when not required, and simply unrolled across the door to exclude insects when the door is left open. The screen mesh is attached to a moving rail, which is guided inside top and bottom channels, fitted with brush sealers for complete insect protection.

For wider doors, such as french or sliding patio doors, a Double Roll Aside Screen is now available. This consists of two Roll Aside Screens, which meet in the centre of the opening and seal by the use of a magnetic strip. Please enquire for further details.

Aluminium Chain Screens
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Available in 13 anodized colours.

Black, Silver, Pewter, Red, Purple, Salmon, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Copper, Bronze, Gold.

Effective insect protection, coupled with excellent air flow.

Colours can be mixed at no extra cost, to greatly enhance their decorative effect. Custom made patterns and designs can be produced at additional cost. Special order only.